The sun is on my back and it feels warm and comforting as the countdown to the end of Winter commences.  Music plays softly in the background and is muted only by the conversations which fill the air around me.   I’m surrounded by other patrons much older than myself and they are enjoying time with friends by the sounds of their laughter and the smiles on their faces.  They make me smile too.  I’m the only sole person here until a lady in a wide brimmed hat sits at the table in front of me with her latte and muffin.  I should have ordered a muffin.

Two young men are lounging comfortably in the sun sipping coffee but choosing to keep in place their sunglasses against the bright, glaring morning light.  They are engrossed in conversation, heads lowered, but still manage to check their phones at regular intervals.  Millennial multitasking at its best.

The air is still this morning with the promise of Spring not far away.  Flowers are in bloom and winter clothing is simply an optional extra against the early chill.  The morning haze has lifted from the water revealing a waveless blue expanse of absolute peace and serenity.  Dogs are being walked (note to self: do this), children are playing on the beach and people are going about their everyday.  Bikes are weaving through pathways.  Lycra is way more comfortable than it looks.  A jogger inches past in a slow shuffle as a container ship sails on the distant horizon.

My pot of green tea is beginning to cool and the heat on my back is no longer a comforting embrace.  The day is heating up now.  I finish my tea and walk away to find a  park bench under a tree to enjoy the quiet a little longer.

This is simple living by the bay.


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