Sometimes you read or hear something that resonates and stays with you for a long time.  There are times when you act on it right away and others when you let it rest and marinate for a while because you know there will come a time when the message is ready for you to completely understand.

Last year I attended a seminar hosted by my local photography club whose guest was Australian photographer Ken Duncan.  His landscape imagery was simply stunning and his understanding and love of not only the land he inhabited but of photography theory was very insightful.  He made a comment during the night that has stayed with me since.  He said, “If you don’t have a portfolio, get one.”

But a portfolio is for professional photographers isn’t it.  Why should I have one.  The thought both intrigued and daunted me at the same time.  I wasn’t sure what this meant for me at that moment so I simply let it rest until the time was right.

Dreaming Way Tarot

And now I finally understand what he was saying.

I do need a portfolio, not as a professional means of collecting work for potential clients, but of documenting my creativity and growth as both an artist and photographer.  It is a collection of images that tells me I am in fact  ‘Creating My Own Path’,  just as I’ve always wanted.

So I joined my local photography club and submitted my first images which were critiqued last night.  It wasn’t the awesome start I was hoping for but it has helped to give me some direction, a drive to do better and I can feel a small flicker of the creative flame inside me burning a little brighter.  The critique didn’t dampen my enthusiasm but was professional feedback from someone who knows a lot more than I do.  So I shall take up my wand of creativity and enthusiasm, grab my bag and continue my journey.


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