“Dear Fear,

I understand why you do what you do and I really appreciate you always taking the time to look out for me, but your constant company is becoming a little stifling. I can’t breathe. You’re so rigid all the time and quite frankly, soul-suckingly boring. We never try anything new, or do things simply for the fun it. I’m so sad.

You know I started a new business and I have given you way too much freedom to make decisions. Please note this letter serves to re-establish our relationship boundaries.

From this moment on, I will make all decisions regarding my creativity. I have new adventures ahead of me and I am so excited. I would love to tell you all about them but you’d just kill my buzz. I know you’ll hate them; you hate everything I want to do. I have made some new friends: creativity and inspiration. I have asked them to help me on this adventure because they are as excited and eager as I am.

You are allowed to join us if you want but you will no longer be consulted on important decisions. So why don’t you sit back, kick off your shoes and enjoy a wine or two. Better still, make it three, you really need to loosen up. You can even sit in my studio and watch me work if you want but you aren’t allowed to talk or give criticism in the guise of advice (yes I know what you do). And you sure as hell are not allowed to tell me I’m not doing it right because I am the artist and I’ll do it my way.  My studio, my rules.

I know you have my best interests at heart but I need to spread my own wings and feel the winds of freedom on my face. Freedom from your overprotectiveness and smothering, freedom from your judgement and most importantly, freedom from your total downer attitude to everything.

We can co-exist but only on my terms.

Jo “

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