The lotus is an exceptional flower when you think about it and it’s no wonder it is used in different cultures and religions as a symbol of purity, beauty and even rebirth just to name a few.  Buddhism uses the lotus as a symbol of purity as it begins its life in the muddy, filthy base of a pond but grows, and in fact flourishes, in spite of this and emerges from the murky depths into the world as a beautiful, pure and pristine flower.

The last 8 or 9 months hasn’t been the best of times.  In fact, they have probably been the lowest point of my life.  My so-called rock bottom.  But the one good thing about hitting rock bottom is that there is only one way to go.

Just like a lotus seed I found myself at the bottom of the pond, amongst the mud and grime and it was definitely not a place I wanted to be for any period of time.  But the irony of it all was that the more I tried to swim and escape what was holding me down, the murkier the waters became with my efforts until I couldn’t tell which direction was the right way out.

Soon enough I was tired of the struggle and ran out of energy.  So I began to still my mind and simply sit.  And sit.  And sit.  Sit without guilt, without pressure or expectations and a remarkable thing happened.  I began to relax and really look around me.  The water wasn’t as thick and impenetrable as it initially seemed.  The quieter and more still I was, the clearer my surroundings became.  I began to see a way in which the depths of what I believed to be my worst, could actually be used to feed and nourish my growth to something better.

And so my seed of new beginnings was sown.  I’m still growing.  I haven’t bloomed quite yet but I have breached the waterline and can feel the warmth of the sun and it’s a wonderful feeling.  It hasn’t been easy but with some therapy, support from family and friends, self love and a healthy dose of objectivity I am on the road to feeling more content and aligned with myself, my future and what is really important to me.

My path is changing and I’m really looking forward to sharing my experiences with you all as I learn to live a simpler, slower, more contented life.


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