I have always been a creative person.  When I first started my website, I wanted it to reflect my love of art and my growing interest in learning photography.  They were what I wanted my creative outlets to be so I decided to document my progress and see where it led me.   Could I make it into a career or side hustle?  I didn’t know but I was keen to give it a go.  What the hell right?

What I didn’t expect was that this would collide with some major life changes.  The timing wasn’t the best.  The things that I normally did to express my creativity no longer brought me joy or an ounce of interest.  So what was my blog and website going to be about if it was supposed to showcase a part of my life that is currently somewhat dormant.

But I also wanted my blog to be a personal reflection of my daily life and the ups and downs associated with trying to juggle work, family and my creative outlets.

I still see myself as pursuing creativity, but at this time in my life it doesn’t include a paintbrush or sketchbook.   I wrote about this here and it has been great to find new and different ways to bring this into my daily life.  I’m currently enjoying gardening and rekindling my love of cooking.  I’ve never been an avid gardener so that is new but have always loved cooking but lost the interest over the years in favour of more convenient, quick meals at the end of a busy work day.

But do you know what the best thing about having your own website is?   I can make it into whatever I like, into what I feel expresses where I am at any given time.  I also feel as though I have so much more to say now.  Blogging purely on creativity gets hard when you aren’t being creative on a regular basis.  I felt as though I was trying to motivate myself to get going but it just wasn’t happening.   I was continually falling short of my own expectation of what I thought I should be doing.

What did resonate more with me were my posts regarding the questions I was asking of myself and my life on a more personal level.  These really helped me work out what was becoming more important, what was changing from my original ideas.  It’s funny reading back over my old posts and I can see the beginning of the coming changes but they had remained unclear until the last few months.

So where am I heading?   The same place I always was – on a path to finding what encourages me rise each morning with purpose and intention.  I’m still walking the path I’m supposed to be on, it’s just heading in a slightly different direction.

So the website will be undergoing some changes over the coming weeks as I work towards getting it to where I want it to be.  I love doing this so it may change a few times until I find the theme I’m happy with.  Let me know what you think over the coming weeks as I would love to hear your feedback.






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