So last week was a little emotional.  I finally said goodbye to my career of 16 years and to a few people who I have worked with for a third of my life.  That’s a long time to have someone share a part of your every day life without a hole being left my their absence.

I always knew leaving would be difficult.  But sometimes having the strength to say goodbye is the catalyst needed to allow new opportunities to come your way.  I’ve been so completely overwhelmed by the kind words, gestures and gifts given to me by people who I have worked with, both past and present.

My favourite gift wasn’t the ‘most expensive’ but it was the most meaningful to me.  To celebrate my new found love of gardening, I received a beautiful, healthy pot plant.  But that’s not the good part. What was beautiful was that tied to the branches of the plant were words that my colleagues believed represented me.   I’ll admit I got a little teary, not because it was a very nice gesture, but because until that moment I had never given a moments thought about how I may have impacted those around me.  I mean, I don’t wake up in the morning, live life, work etc expecting to receive praise and acknowledgement every day.  So when I did receive it, it was an unexpected, overwhelming but wonderful feeling.

I don’t understand why it is so hard for me to put into words how this simple gesture made me feel.  But all I can say is I felt full.  Full in my heart, full in my soul.  Is this what is meant by feeling true gratitude?    Acceptance maybe?  I normally don’t feel comfortable with compliments but if half of what is written on this plant is true, then I am so very thankful.   I’m thankful to be given the opportunity to understand that what I have left behind is just as important as what I’m taking with me.


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