Now that Christmas and New Year celebrations are out of the way, its a great time to not only reflect on what went well and didn’t go so well last year, but to determine the next steps to start 2017 and cement my actions to see them through.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you would know that 2016 was a big year for me on a personal level. I learned a lot about myself as an individual and set myself up in a direction I am wanting to go on both a personal and professional level.  The majority of the year was spent going within but I ended the year on a positive note with a couple of new ideas I was very excited to go out and tackle. So what have I got planned for 2017? I have a few projects I’m keen to explore this year. I mentioned a couple in my last post and I’m super excited to let you know a little more about them.

The Connected Life Project (TCLP):


This project launched on 2nd January 2017 and is a photography assignment aimed at reconnecting people to the environment around them. I believe our modern way of living is removing us from feeling a part of our environment and community and we spend so much time not seeing the simple beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis. TCLP was born from the question, “If everything had a story, what would it be?” It brings a human perspective to objects through stories involving personal views and beliefs, current news topics, environmental issues, triumphs, tragedies and humorous events. Basically, the total spectrum of human experiences. If we looked at things from a different perspective, would it change the way we interacted with it on a daily basis? You can check out the dedicated Facebook page here and don’t forget to click “Like” so you can follow my progress.

Photography Portfolio:

Summer by the Pool

As an additional photography assignment, I will be expanding my current portfolio on my website. The content I’m photographing with TCLP will give me the opportunity to also develop my photography skills as I will be using not only my DSLR but my point & shoot and iPhone as well. I’m not a big fan of post production of my images and am looking to develop my skills by really understanding my camera so that any post adjustments are kept to an absolute minimum.  Carrying my DSLR around with me on a daily basis is simply not realistic so utilising my other options ensures I don’t miss a good shot because I don’t have my ‘good’ camera ‘set up’.   The idea of TCLP is to capture everyday moments so I need to be ready and able to do just that.   I’m also really enjoying macro photography and unusual angles which I’m keen to explore further this year.

 Floral Artwork Series

Coloured Pencils

Drawing and painting flowers has always been my favourite kind of artwork.  It still is, so there is no better subject to kick off my first artwork series.  There are a few mediums I love working with but I’m very drawn to working with coloured pencils.  Graphite is my first love so this seems like something I may just love to have in my repertoire of skills.  I’m currently working on a series of floral artworks which will be the first of many collections in my portfolio and I can’t wait to share the progress with you.

Website Upgrade

With the new projects I am doing this year, I believe a change to the website is needed to incorporate what I have in mind.  I’m still learning how to manage my site effectively so this will be a project all its own and may take me longer than I actually expect it to.  Managing websites takes a lot of time!  Whenever there is a change I have to Google my research and find support so I know what I’m doing but I love learning the process and the back end coding seems interesting but not on the table for this year.  That is a rabbit hole of never ending tunnels if ever I saw one. That said, there are a few changes to the layout etc that I feel need to be revisited.  I like the clean, simple and minimal lines but the functionality of the site can be improved upon.  That will be the fun stuff.

2016 was my year of introspection but 2017 seems likely to be my year of putting myself out there.   I’m approaching my work with a more positive, curious nature and with that comes a freedom to simply enjoy the process without worrying about the outcome.   And that my friends, feels totally satisfying.


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